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Total Somatics' Mindful in May -WEEK 4

Goodness me!  Where has this month gone?  I hope you have enjoyed implementing knowledge with skills to start increasing your awareness or mindfulness to how you operate, either with movement, mindset, habits and/or behaviour.  It is amazing to realise that most of the time we operate subconsciously, so many of your actions become second nature and you don’t realise you are living out of habit, rather than with focus and intention.  That is what I would like to ask you to consider this week.  Do you live mainly out of habit and old behaviours or are you living with focus and intention?
Check out my video for this week as we develop the theme further.

From the material I have provided for you over the last few weeks (especially the recorded Live workshop link in week 2), one thing you may have noticed is how your personality dictates your daily habits and even your somatic movement practice.  Do you find that you love absorbing material and reading lots?  You just can’t get enough of researching material!  That’s brilliant and I love doing that too.  However, one thing I have learned over the years is that it is one think to take all this information in and it is another thing to actually spend time absorbing the content, reflecting on it and actually putting it into practice.  We can become caught up in our pattern of taking in as much material as possible. This can show in many ways, for instance, how often do you finish a book, course or some other pursuit you were interested in?  You see, the internet is flooded with information, videos and other material.  As brilliant as that is, it can create data overload and actually cause a scatter gun approach to your health and wellbeing, hoping that doing “a bit of everything” may work.  However, I would encourage you to stop and consider your habit or pattern of behaviour.  Have you often had this approach over the years, conscientious and wanting results but never following a systematic process?

The reason I ask you this is because over the years, I have seen this pattern of behaviour over and over again.  If you are happy with living in a subconscious cycle, that is fine.  However, if you would like to change the way you have been operating for years because you haven’t made improvement, I would like to support you.  I have designed an approach which creates focus, clarity, guidance and cuts out the clutter to bring you what you need to reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and allow you to enjoy or resume the activities you love to do.  Imagine how stress free it would feel to have dedicated material at hand, when you need it, to focus on different areas of your health and wellbeing.  Added to that I am available if you need to contact me, either via email at or on Facebook or Instagram.  Plus I hold a live workshops every month specific to what the members want.  I am here to serve you and deliver what you need.

The next Live Workshop for Members is: 

Saturday 6th June at 7pm Australian Eastern time, 10am British Summer time, 5am Eastern Time.  

All members will be sent an invitation to the recorded live workshop.  If you cannot attend, you can find it in “support” and it will be filed in the “Recordings” section.  I look forward to catching up with you all.

If you are not a member, would you like to be involved with these monthly events in conjunction to having unlimited access to the Total Somatics online program?  The monthly events and online program are designed to connect anyone who wants to develop their understanding, skills and knowledge on how to reduce pain, improve postureincrease mobility, ease muscle tension and reduce stress with Clinical Somatics.  No matter where you are, whether you can manage stress or not, are new to the field of Clinical Somatics or just curious, I want to create a place where we can all learn skills to help us do better at what we love to do and really get to know, understand and care for our health and wellbeing better.

Is this something that interests you? Would you like to reduce pain, lower your stress and release muscle tension, so you can resume or continue living your life to the full with ease?   As a member, you will be guiding the direction that Total Somatics takes as you experience our specialist workshops and events.   Your input shapes what I teach, its what you need to help with your health and wellbeing.

I am inviting you to join me as a member of Total Somatics!  I am excited for you because you will be able to take action in a structured manner with focus and clarity.  This will help you to cut out the clutter, reduce stress and overwhelm with all the information out there.  I will support and guide you to bring about improvements to your current health and wellbeing concerns.

If you would like to become a Member of Total Somatics Online, join me and the rest of the community by CLICKING HERE.  
Membership enrolment closes on Sunday 31st May 2020.  

Did you miss the FREE online workshop on Saturday 23rd May? To watch it again, request a link at The video link expires on 31st May 2020.


I am so excited for you to join me online with Total Somatics!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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