Learning how to Improve your Posture & Reduce your Pain

Hello! How are you? Wow! Last week was pretty action packed! I hope you were able to enjoy The 5 day Total Somatics LIVE Experience. It has been amazing hearing from you all and connecting with so many of you within the temporary private Facebook group for the event. The transformations and 'ah ha' moments have been wonderful to hear about too.

The membership doors opened for a few days during the event and closed on Monday 31st May. If you would like to know when the doors open again, CLICK HERE and leave your details on the WAIT LIST.

There is an online shop which has audio classes and a workshop series with 7 hours of content which you can purchase and keep permanently. CLICK HERE to view the products within the Total Somatics ONLINE SHOP.

As the membership doors are now officially closed, I will be fully focused on the Total Somatics members, helping them with their health and wellbeing. Plus there are lots of new features coming to the membership within the coming months, so if you are member look out for these announcements via email and The Total Somatics Members private Facebook group.

Check out some of the AMAZING feedback from attendees of the event, from all over the world.

After focusing on the theme 'Mindful in May' and ending the month with The 5 day Total Somatics LIVE Experience, I thought it would be great to return to my weekly podcasts. So enjoy this week as I delve into posture, habits, stress and highlights from the 5 day Total Somatics LIVE Experience.

CLICK HERE to listen to this week's podcast, Learning how to improve your posture & reduce your pain.

Have a brilliant week!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx


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