The impact sitting has on your health & wellbeing

Hello! How has your week been? I cannot believe it is March already! I have received some wonderful messages from people around the world informing me how Total Somatics is having such an amazing impact on their health and wellbeing. It is great to see the transformation within their posture, range of movement, mindset and their Total Somatic lifestyle approach to daily activities.

One area that many people have informed me has become a conscious awareness practice for them, is how often they sit, allowing them to increase awareness to their posture. Interestingly, these emails and messages tie in with this week’s podcast in which I discuss how sitting has become classed as the new smoking. Within this latest episode I delve into the subject of posture, sitting and how we can reverse some of the habits and health issues that have been created from large amounts of the day sitting.

To listen to this week’s podcast episode, “How sitting has become the new smoking” CLICK HERE.

Live Online events

I have been asked to present at two global online events very soon. I hope you can join me.

I have been asked to present at the Women Inspiring Women global summit over the weekend of 5-7th March. The summit is in line with International Women’s day.


I will also be presenting at the Stress Less, Teach Better FREE Summit between 10th-12th March. This event is designed for teachers and educators around the world.


FREE offerings from Total Somatics.

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Have a fantastic week!
All my love,
Heidi Hadley xx

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