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Total Somatics' Mindful in May - WEEK 2

Hello, how have you been during the last week?  I hope you enjoyed developing a focus towards creating time for yourself and noticing that when you begin to slow down and notice the subtle feedback from your body, that you can make changes, which create huge shifts in how your mind and body benefit.  By improving the amount of fresh oxygen into your tissues with a daily Total Somatics breathing practice, you can nourish and bathe every cell in your body so that it can perform at a fantastic level.  When you increase oxygen in to your tissues, you can also clear that feeling of foggy headedness to think more clearly and objectively.
Check out my video for this week as we develop our theme for this week.

With that in mind, after developing a week of increased oxygen in to your amazing mind and body, let us now start thinking clearly and objectively as to why you may get recurring pain and patterns of behaviour.  Maybe it is taking too much on and then you crash and burn.  Maybe it is fear of moving too freely, anxious of “tweaking” your back and causing more pain. Maybe you have recurring muscular pain and not sure why it keeps stirring up, what is causing it and how to deal with it.

Total Somatics has been teaching people for years how to address these issues, bringing clarity and focus to how you deal with these common issues and concerns.  If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you will know that I encourage you to look with soft eyes and globally at yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled into old fashioned clinical practice where health professionals will target and treat one area.  When has one muscle worked on its own?  Never!! Your muscles work as a system and your brain patterns and programs muscle to contract and relax at different times.  So when you have recurring pain and limited mobility, how can treating just one area actually release muscle contractions that are linked with movement, habit and behaviour from your brain?  Not from looking with a narrow lens at the area of pain.  In many instances, that is a red herring and the root of the issue is elsewhere.  Within Total Somatics Online, I teach you how to pandiculate and why it is beneficial.  To gain a taster to what pandiculation can do for back tension, enjoy the following video.  Could you practice this every day until my blog next week?  If you want to make it even more effective, why not practice the breathing audio from last week first and then follow on with the movement below.  Enjoy!

For Total Somatics Members:

Refresh your memory from our recent Live Workshop, Recalibration - releasing stress and emotion.  Jog your memory and recall why you have recurring muscular pain, what is causing it and how to deal with it.  Within the workshop I also navigate you around the online program to help you become focused and specific on how to recalibrate, reduce pain and stress.  If you can recall, within that workshop, I encouraged you to check out a specific group of audio classes within the program to help with releasing stored stress and emotion.


Please let me know how your week progresses as you develop the Tower Twist during this week.  If you are a member, please let me know what your take away point was from the live workshop and how has that been instrumental in your daily practice.  You can contact me at support@totalsomatics.com or on Facebook or Instagram.

If you're not a member at the moment and would like to reduce pain and learn how to also stop it from recurring, join me and the Total Somatics community today.

Have a lovely week.
Keep safe and well.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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