The Power of your Sixth Sense

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Before I introduce you to my podcast for this week, I wanted to share 2 upcoming events with you.

The Total Somatics LIVE Experience 2022

Every year I hold this FREE event online. It is a great time to Rest, Recalibrate & Recuperate as we end this year and embrace a new year of good health and happiness.

Here is a brief video explaining what The Total Somatics LIVE Experience will cover and how it will help you.

The Total Somatics LIVE Experience covers the areas of health and wellbeing with a Total Somatic approach.


If you sign up this LIVE event which is also FREE, you will receive the LIVE zoom links & REPLAY links. You will have the option to watch the REPLAYS for a limited time.

I Feel Good Summit 2022

I have the privilege to be involved in an international summit very soon. I have been asked to present at this year's 'I Feel Good Summit 2022.' There will be a variety of health and wellbeing experts involved within this event. If you can join the event, that would be wonderful. x

If you would like to learn more and sign up to the event,

Latest Podcast

In this week's podcast I delve into a fascinating part of you! It is often referred to as your Sixth Sense. Enjoy this episode and if you join me for the Total Somatics LIVE Experience, you will definitely be tapping into this incredible part of you to improve your overal health and wellbeing.

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The Power of your Sixth Sense.

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