BONUS WEEK: Grit, Self Compassion & Total Somatics

Hello, how are you? I hope you are keeping well and have had a good week.

This week I would like to create a BONUS BONANZA for you!! I have my podcast episode plus an additional podcast from a wonderful lady called Chazmith Newton.

Podcast One

In my podcast, I discuss how the two personality traits of Grit and Self Compassion are related. With the rollercoaster of emotions plus various types of stress and trials that we are all enduring around the world, this episode discusses how important it is to take care of our mindset. As a regular listener to my podcast Somatic Movement & Mindset, the way we think, talk to ourselves, the limiting beliefs we can hold, all play a role in the level of tension and tightness we hold within our entire body.

To listen to Total Somatic Mindset: The Connection between Grit & Self Compassion, CLICK HERE.

Podcast Two

In this BONUS PODCAST, Chazmith Newton, the presenter and host of the podcast, Our Power is Within, interviews me about Total Somatic Movement, Stress, Mindset, the difference between stretching and Pandiculation, why stretching has its limitations for neuromuscular health and how Total Somatics has transformed lives around the world.

To listen to, Total Somatics with Heidi Hadley,

Total Somatics LIVE Experience returns for the final time in 2021

I will be holding FREE workshops for the final time this year, however this time I would love you to be involved! How?

I would love to hear 2 questions from you that I will cover within the FREE 3-part workshop series. Your questions will create the way I design this upcoming series, so please get involved.

What two burning questions would you like to ask?

Submit your two questions by CLICKING HERE

Submissions close: Monday 30th August 11.59pm Pacific Time.

If it is appropriate to do so in your part of the world, make this 3 part Workshop special by creating a small group who can watch together and enjoy the Total Somatic Movement portion of each workshop. You will feel and experience the benefits of Total Somatic Movement after each workshop. Learn and feel the benefits of this powerful yet gentle Mind/Body work which has been transforming lives around the world.

If you know of others that would also benefit from this FREE 3 Part Workshop Series, the final LIVE workshop series for 2021, please passthese details on and invite them to leave me 2 burning questions!

If you have joined me LIVE for previous Total Somatics International LIVE workshops, you will know how much I absolutely love meeting you all LIVE online and the energy is AMAZING!! I have also loved connecting with so many who have watched the REPLAYS. As before, there will be an additional special way we can all connect which I will reveal to you closer to the time. This will allow for further opportunity to connect with me during this AWESOME event season!

So wherever you are in the world, I will be there to support you xx

I am so excited! I can't wait to hear your questions! Collectively, as an international community, you are creating what you would love to learn and practice with Total Somatics International!

Have a brilliant week!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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