The connection between Somatics, Brain health & your Gut

Hello, I hope you are keeping well. I have enjoyed hearing from many of you about the benefits you are gaining from the somatic audio classes available to purchase. It is brilliant to see and hear of the transformations within a short period of time. However, if you are a regular reader of my blogs, listen to my podcast or a member within the online program, you will be fully aware of the amazing capacity your brain and body have to adapt and change. The processes of Neurogenesis, Neuroplasticity and Bioplasticity.

How to boost your brain – Part 3.

One area many clients have commented on, is how their bowel movements improve after a somatic movement session. There are many reasons for this, such as, you have allowed your nervous system to fully relax and increase activity within your digestive system. Also the muscles and fascia that surround and hold your digestive region, ease in pressure within your abdominal area. This allows the natural actions of your fascia - gliding and sliding, to assist with the muscular contraction, known as peristalsis within your colon. When this works well, your digested food can glide like a glacier along your colon, making the passage and your deposit happen with ease!

In this week’s featured podcast, the episode discusses the connection between Somatics, your brain health and gut.

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