Postural changes and improved movement with Somatics

In this week’s blog I am going to discuss the fantastic effects Somatics has on your posture and how you move on a daily basis.

If you follow Total Somatics on Facebook or Instagram, you will recall last week I posted a before and after photo of a client who gave me permission to publish the photo. He has made amazing progress with his personal Somatics practise. Let me tell you about my client, whom I will called John.

John is in his early 20s and has suffered with debilitating back pain for many years. It has impacted on his quality of life to the extent that he has never been too involved in sports due to it causing him pain and he has always felt very uncoordinated. He has tried many health modalities and found no relief. The pain and lack of control over his health started to impact on him emotionally. He then found Total Somatics.

Over a 6 week period John would see me for a Clinical Somatics sessions and together we would release chronically tight muscles and re-educate his brain with his muscles to coordinate correctly again. To begin with many Somatic movements felt alien to him because for such a long time his brain has been holding tight muscles in ‘autopilot’. His brain is so smart that it was trying to help with movement and coordination. If we habitually sit or move in a certain way long enough, the brain recognises this as the “new normal” and will tighten certain muscles accordingly and switch other muscles off. Within time this habituated neuromuscular behaviour starts to change one’s posture, how they move, sit and much more. We then live in a state of ‘autopilot’ or not conscious or aware of our movements, we no longer live in the present moment.

I taught John exactly what I teach in my Online program He learnt how to read his body and how to adjust it in and out of gravity. He started to understand how his body and muscle tone varies when he stands up (in gravity) and when he lies down (out of gravity). He was able to learn how to sense and feel the difference in muscle tone. With this increased level of awareness, he learnt how to PANDICULATE muscles. From previous weekly blogs which can be found on my BLOG page at, I discuss in greater detail what pandiculation is and how it is much more effective than stretching. Check out my blog on Muscle Memory, Somatics and Stretching at

Pandiculation is explained further in many of my blogs and you get to learn how to pandiculate muscles with my Mindfulness with Total Somatics online program. You, like John will start to feel empowered because you will acquire skills to release chronically tight muscles. Pandiculation will cause muscles to become supple and take pressure off your joints. We pandiculate and release tight muscles by dealing with the centre of all muscle coordination and contraction - the Brain. Until we change the way the brain is communicating to the muscles, we will continue to have muscles contracting when they are not required, created by habituated postures and movements. We cannot get these changes by merely stretching muscles.

Mindfulness with Total Somatics can bring you results such as what John has experienced. If you are consistent with your Somatics practise and spend at least 20 minutes each day, you will feel and see results quite quickly. Your brain is amazing and once you teach muscles how to contract and relax correctly, the brain will hold these new neural connections in your cortex. Regular somatics practise will override old habitual, unconscious patterns of movement, posture and behaviour. This is known as NEUROPLASTICITY. Your brain has the amazing ability to change and adapt, in this case to healthy new movement patterns which will reduce pain, muscle tightness and improve range of movement.

Let me guide you through Mindfulness with Total Somatics online. On your first day of joining me online, take a photo of your posture. Notice how it starts to adjust and how your pain reduces and movement increases. Take a photo after using the online program for 10 weeks and see the difference. My second program will be released very soon and we take Mindfulness with Total Somatics further again. You will learn so much more to really empower and educate yourself in the area of your mind and body. We build on the skills from Program 1. Once again check your posture photo from week 1 of Movements Patterns Part 1 (program 1) and compare how you feel, move and look after the 12 week Movement Patterns part 2 program (program 2). You’ll see such huge changes. Having 22 weeks of Mindfulness with Total Somatics will help you make huge progress with your health and well being. Visit and Subscribe to my weekly newsletter because I have so many more exciting things to announce which will bring greater value to you and your personal Somatics practise.

If you would like a consultation and live outside of Adelaide, South Australia; I hold private Skype sessions. To contact me and arrange a Skye consultation, go to my “contact us” page and leave your details and reason for wanting to learn Somatics. Together we can work on your specific issue and use the Mindfulness with Total Somatics online program to accelerate your return back to a healthier you.

To join me on the Mindfulness with Total Somatics online program, visit my website at and start taking control of your health and well being again. Like John in the before and after photo, not only did it improve his physical health, but his emotional and mental health improved. He no longer felt anxious and overwhelmed. He actually looked at me with a tear in his eye and said he felt empowered and able to reverse the habits he had developed which had created his pain and limited movement. There was also another brilliant comment he made to me, he had started ice skating. This is from a person that felt uncoordinated and not confident with any sport and had refrained from participating over the years. His pain has disappeared and he was able to skate freely without any discomfort. From developing Mindfulness with Total Somatics, he learnt the natural movement patterns his body has. He just realised that before Mindfulness with Total Somatics, he didn’t know how to access them. Having this knowledge and developing the skills has enabled him to move his body fully and in a coordinated manner. He trained his brain to switch the appropriate muscles on and off correctly. His body is moving in a more intelligent and efficient manner.

Would you like to reduce pain? Would you like to move freely? Would you like to have skills and knowledge of how to move and release long held muscle tension? Have you, like John tried everything and feel helpless? Join me today at Total Somatics has helped so many people around the World. Total Somatics has an online course which can be performed in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you and at an affordable price.

I so look forward to teaching you Mindfulness with Total Somatics and opening your eyes to a whole new level of awareness of how you move your body now and how that will change for the better with Somatic movement and education.

See you online.

Take Care,

Heidi Hadley



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  • Ann Corry Reply

    Dear Heidi
    I am so fascinated by this subject and wish I was still living in Adelaide, SA! We left in 1996 and came back to Cape Town … great place but you are not here, and my husband could do with your expertise – he has Parkinsons (Los Veijitos), but also fell into a ditch tearing his achilles tendon (Tower of Pisa) – and Red Light Reflex – all these from the Somatics book of Thomas Hanna.
    Can we do anything with Parkinsons people?

    August 10, 2017 at 8:51 pm

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