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As you read this, my husband and I are currently flying back home to Australia after spending time with our family, due to the world situation, it has been 5 years since we have spent time with them. We don't like to leave it that long. It has been wonderful to spend quality time with them and enjoy the English countryside! Whilst we have been away, we have enjoyed the feeling of slowing down and smelling the roses! Taking time out is so important and you feel so much more energised for doing so. Plus you never get that time back, so cherish every moment.

Bearing all that in mind, this week's podcast discusses the power of going slow. I know technically we are now in June, however, as my podcast episodes are released on Sundays, I wanted to include an extra video for you and dose you up with inspiring thoughts and energy for the next 6 months and beyond!

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Within this week's podcast (also found within the show notes), I allude to a podcast episode I was recently asked to be interviewed on. It was a podcast called Happy Chicks and they asked me to discuss the power of slowing down. So to support this week's Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast, you have an extra dose of positivity and inspiration with me, Loretta Hart and Rebekkah Finnigan.

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Next week, I would love you to join me for my 100th podcast episode! I have arranged something very special so you can gain incredible value. I also want to say thank you for listening or watching my podcast episodes. As an audience, you are truly amazing. Your questions are brilliant and I create content to serve you. So please keep sending them my way! You can contact me via email at support@totalsomatics.com.

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