Fear, Stress and Habits

At the moment every news article and media outlet are highlighting the coronavirus.  Although it is good to stay informed and aware of the situation, in today’s blog we will look at why we should not allow ourselves to get sucked into the vortex of fear.

Keep calm

Fear is a really important part of our make up. It has been designed to help us become alert to situations that can make us emotionally and physically unsafe. On a day to day basis it can help us to stay focused when we are sitting exams or presenting a talk. In these situations it is really good in the short term, however long term fear can affect learning, concentration and as we have consider in the last 3 blogs, neurogenesis.

The current bombardment of negative news about the coronavirus can start to affect people’s mental and physical health. What to media outlets is “click bait,” is to the public another scary headline which is continuing to create a fear and stress response within their central nervous system and to the rest of their mind and body. As a result of this muscle tension, disempowering thoughts, shallow breathing and default stress postures related to fear and anxiety cause people to become trapped in a very tight and inflamed body.

Today I would like to help you create an internal calmness and a Total Somatic awareness to how you are faring with ongoing worries and stress. We know at times we cannot control our external world, but we can have control over our internal environment. By maintaining a calm internal environment, we can lower cortisol levels which are raised when we become stressed. When cortisol continues to stay at a high level we can begin to develop inflammatory health issues and autoimmune conditions can be triggered.

Check out my video below as I encourage you to consider two areas to focus on, allowing you to recalibrate, rest and refresh during difficult and fearful times.

To support you and help create deeper quality breaths which in turn will lower your blood pressure, slow down your internal stress response and increase fresh oxygen into your blood which will bathe your tissues and cells, enjoy the 10 minute Mindful Total Somatic breathing audio.

I have created an online program to help you learn how to release further tension and tightness in your muscles. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you, you can log in to the program and enjoy the videos, audios, podcasts and downloadable support material I have created for you. To learn more go to www.TotalSomatics.com.

Take care,

Heidi Hadley xx

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