How to influence your Nervous System to improve your Wellbeing

Hello! How have you been recently? I hope you are well.

This week my podcast episode is a bit of a geek fest!! I will delving into your AMAZING brain and how it is constantly adapting to what we take in and practice. Within this week's episode, I discuss areas of your brain and how they interact with each other throughout your day. You will learn how powerful Total Somatic Movement practice is and how it changes your neural landscape to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

To listen to this week's episode,
How Total Somatic Movement influences your Nervous System,

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If you are a member of The Total Somatics Membership, you will notice that if you click on "Part 2" and go to "Ongoing" you will see two new audios for framing your day and regulating your vagus nerve, so please check them out.
There will also be new features and material coming to the Total Somatics Membership to tailor to the members' needs very soon. So watch this space!

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