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I am really exciting about my surprise news which I will tell you as soon as I can!! Many of you keep asking what it could possibly be!! Once it has launched, I will let you know immediately!! The secrecy is killing me!! If you are subscribed to my blogs and podcasts, I will be announcing my incredibly special and exciting announcement on those platforms, so please stay tuned!

In this week's podcast I discuss the importance of Stimulating Environments, Learning and Clinical Somatic Movement. My episode develops on from last week's podcast episode in which I discuss Competitive Plasticity, a subject very important because this process helps to keep our brain healthy and youthful as we age. Before I share my podcast, I would love to also let you know how Learning and Stimulating people's brains with Total Somatics is growing internationally.

Total Somatic Education reaching a Global Audience

As I will reveal very soon, Total Somatics continues to expand internationally with up to date Clinical Skills and Application because I am still very much involved in Clinical Practice, Research, Study and Education.

Another avenue Total Somatics continues to grow with Clinical Somatic Movement Education is with me writing for a magazine. If you are unaware, I am an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. It is a wonderful opportunity to educate and empower people within the field of Clinical Somatic Movement.

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