Mindful in May – Week 4

I hope you have had a good week. This week we are going to consider another aspect of Total Somatics' Mindful in May theme. Check out my video below as I discuss this week’s theme.

Our mindset and self-talk play a huge role in the area of our Somatic (mental, emotional and physical) health and wellbeing. The way we view the world around us, interpret events, scenarios and interactions with people all comes down to our perception. We have two options for how we perceive a situation. We can either REACT or RESPOND to events.

Let’s consider some examples:

Reactive/automatic/instinctive response

“I’m worthless…”
“This is terrible..”
“Why me?”
“I’ll show them, I’ll …..”
“I’m such a failure..”

Responsive/productive/mindful response

“Why is this upsetting?”
”What are my options?”
”What information do I need?”
”I can only control what I do.”

An area in your brain filters the world around you. This area is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). In your own opinion, the way you view the world around you is correct! All our experiences in life shape our view of the world and create a personal bias and perception which we distort to fit in with our beliefs. These beliefs can be limiting and dis-empowering. When we challenge our dis-empowering or limiting beliefs, we are able to make progress with breaking stress responses, negative thoughts and how we perceive the world around us.One area which can affect our somatic health is what we watch and listen to. Sensationalism in the media can whip up a frenzy of anxiety, fear, anger, annoyance, injustice and sadness. This roller coaster of emotions can have a detrimental effect on our health. However, when we become selective about what we are exposed to, we realise that we can take control of our internal environment by becoming selective about what control we have with our external environment. By becoming selective and limiting negative reports and disempowering beliefs which can unsettle our emotional and mental health, we start to create healthy boundaries for our overall wellbeing.

Check out my podcast with Dr Sarah Wilson ND, as we discuss Stress & Anxiety.

We highlight the effects Stress has on our somatic health. We discuss steps to manage or take control of our emotional and mental health. Make a nice cup of tea, sit down and relax whilst listening to our discussion. Enjoy!

There’s a lot of food for thought in this podcast and I would suggest listening to it again at some point because there is always something else you will extract from it. It is loaded with lots of useful information and advice.

TASK 4 - Be Selective with what you allow to Filter into your Mind

During this week, become selective about what you fill your headspace with. Please develop some of the suggestions Sarah and I discuss within this podcast to retrain your mindset. Changes won’t happen overnight however, daily practice will change deeply ingrained habits over time.

Let me know how this week goes, I am always interested to see how mindful somatic practices improve your health and well being. Keep in touch.

Have a brilliant week!

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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