Reduce Pain, Improve Posture & Increase Mobility with a Somatic Lifestyle

In this week’s blog we are going to look at how we can educate and empower ourselves with knowledge to create a Somatic lifestyle and reduce pain.

Somatic Lifestyle

If you are a regular reader of my blogs you will know that I often refer to the expression, Somatic Lifestyle. What is it? Within The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program at, I teach you how to fine tune various areas of your life. These areas include our mindset, the amount of movement we create in our day, nutrition and our mental/emotional health. When we learn how to harness skills within these areas, we create a healthier lifestyle. However when we create a Somatic lifestyle, we take an extra step forward. How? I teach you how to become Somatic, which means to truly notice, sense and feel how your mind and body (collectively known as the Soma) operate throughout the day. With the knowledge taught within The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program, you will heighten your awareness to how you deal with various situations and scenarios. You will learn skills to help you self assess, self regulate and self correct, so you can reduce poor or negative habitual patterns and behaviours recurring, which contribute towards poor posture, pain, limited mobility and a reduction in the activities you love to do.

Noticing the Sensations and Messages in your Soma

Emotions, mindset and our internal dialogue, or what we tell ourselves, all create muscle tension and tightness. In previous blogs I have discussed how emotion can contribute towards pain. Below are links to specific blogs discussing this in greater detail.

How your Emotions & Mindset can Influence Back Pain

The Power of Pain, Perception, Emotion & Moving Forward

How often have you dressed yourself up, put on your make up (if you wear it!), made your hair look spectacular (if you have any!) and put on a brave face or big smile to the world and yet inside felt completely empty, low, overwhelmed and despondent? You’re not alone. I am sure most people would admit at different times in their life, this is what they had to do to get through trialsome times. We may be able to present to the world an outward appearance as looking happy, however our soma is pretty smart and we cannot hide our emotions, thoughts and internal dialogue from our body. Our Somas keep a score of what we constantly subject it to. Overtime negative and disempowering thoughts create exhaustion and a lack of energy.

I often think of our soma as a bank account. Whatever emotions we collect over time, positive or energy will store into our Somatic lifestyle account. It could be a savings account full of positive, empowering energy which will give us a fantastic Return on Investment. It could be negative emotions which will create low energy, focus and attention. In this instance, our return on investment is not great.

Creating change

Creating change and developing a Somatic Lifestyle is exactly that, a lifestyle. Changes in lifestyle don’t always happen overnight. Often people may change one area, focus on that part of their life and then move on to the next area. When we do this, it becomes achievable and we feel empowered to continue. Within time, people look back and notice the huge shifts in their habits, creating a healthier lifestyle.

We know we should practice daily somatic movement, eat wholefood, limit alcohol, reduce sugar, go to bed early, drink plenty of water, practice mindfulness and develop a daily attitude of gratitude. However our ego habits, attachments, association to triggers and distractions can cause us to lose our focus.

At times it feels easier to reach for the sugar, drink alcohol, binge watch Netflix, stay up late, avoid movement/exercise and create excuses for our actions! We have all been there at some point, no one is perfect!

During our day our soma is constantly processing events, scenarios and situations. The Somatic Lifestyle Bank account that we have been and continue to own will provide back up and support throughout our day. If we allow the majority of our day to live off the positive savings in our account, we will continue to move in the direction of health, vitality and resilience. If our account consists of predominantly negative savings, we will move towards illness, exhaustion and depletion of energy.

Granted, due to various health conditions, a person can be very positive and yet suffer with many illnesses. Don’t get wrong, life is certainly not black and white. However, a person can have illnesses and yet have the most amazing positive outlook on their life. This is because they have saved positive thoughts during the years to condition their mind for tough times. It is never too late to retrain your brain to focus on the positive aspects, even if times are tough.

Switch your mindset

When we are full of positive thoughts and emotions, we feel we can take on the world! We may feel we become a warrior, persevering through trials. We may show courage and turn our fear into fuel in order to see something through. During these times we can look at a chocolate bar or glass of wine and turn our nose up at it with our strong intentions!

However there are times when we hold negative thoughts and emotions. During these times we create dis-empowering beliefs and develop a victim-like mindset for our soma. This is when we procrastinate about what we have to do, including our daily somatics practice. It may also involve dwelling on negative past events, which in turn will lower our mood. We may spend more time on social media, comparing our life to the highlighted (and filtered) life reel of someone else. We decide to have lots of chocolate and alcohol, which creates a surge and then a plummet in sugar levels, creating more negativity and we lose perspective.

When we learn through The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program at how to switch our mindset and become somatic throughout our day, we can self assess, self regulate and self correct. Everyday presents challenges, however it is how we face these challenges and use skills to support our somatic health (emotional, mental and physical health). When we are educated and empowered, we can achieve so much more because we have a positive mindset and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Allow me to teach you how to create The Total Somatics Lifestyle with my online program. In the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you, you can learn how to develop a somatic mindset, mindfulness skills, learn somatic movement and much more to create a lifestyle which will empower, educate and enhance your health and well being.

I am available for Skype consultations too. So if you would like to know how you can be specific with your health within The Total Somatics Online Program, please get in touch. For contact details click HERE.

I look forward to helping you with your health goals and intentions.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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