The Impact of Stress & Anxiety on your Wellbeing

Hello! How are you? Recently I have been holding workshops and webinars for companies within Australia, UK and the USA. The main theme that many businesses have asked me to discuss is the impact of stress and anxiety on wellbeing. This too was a common theme with the burning questions which were sent to me leading up to The Total Somatics LIVE Experience. As a result, I have decided to create a podcast to cover this further.

Within the Total Somatics membership, I have resources, videos and audio classes which delve into the areas of trauma, anxiety and stress in greater detail. However, if you would like to start learning what is really going on beneath your skin and more importantly, gain skills and knowledge to support you with your ongoing health and wellbing intentions, please enjoy my latest podcast xx

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The Impact of Stress & Anxiety on your Wellbeing

The Total Somatics membership is a hive of activity and exciting announcements at the moment. As a result, there have been new features created to deepen members' practice within the area of mindset and mindfulness. Plus with BONUS workshops and creating features to improve the navigation around the membership, Total Somatics International continues to grow and evolve. Just as we all do on a daily basis with what we encounter and take away as a method to create a more efficient and effective way of moving forward.

Notice what one Total Somatics' member recently said online...

If you would like to join the membership, CLICK HERE to leave your details on the WAIT LIST and the next time I open the doors, I would love to welcome you in. With a tailored approach to your health and wellbeing, I help you create focus and clarity by cutting out the clutter and providing timely support and guidance.

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To begin learning how amazing your mind and body are, check out the workshops and audio classes within the Total Somatics' Online shop. This selection will help you get started and if your decide to join the membership in the future, you will find these audios and workshops provide a great foundation to develop a Total Somatic Practice to your health & Wellbeing.

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I look forward to sharing more with the members this week with our BUMPER week of goodies!

If you are not a member, please reach out to me. I am here to support you too. You can reach me at

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