Release Tight Hips & Ease Back Pain WITH PANDICULATION

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It is not long until I begin this year's 'Somatic in September' theme! For the entire month of September, I will be delving into each module of the popular digital course "Release tight hips & back with Clinical Somatics." I will cover your questions, challenges and create bonuses.

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Radio interview

Recently I was interviewed on a International yachting radio show. The interview lasted 15 minutes and the radio host wanted to know about my background and how I came to the AMAZING area of Clinical Somatics. I thought you may like to hear the interview and also if you have an interest in Yachting, it may be worth subscribing to their radio station.

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To continue on the theme of releasing tight hips and easing back pain, in this week's episode, I delve into the 3 step process of pandiculation and discuss why it is far superior to stretching.

If you haven't watched last week's episode, CLICK HERE. Within that episode, I discuss the science behind stretching and its limitations.

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I really look forward to spending September with you and seeing how quickly you can reset your muscle length, create greater range of movementease pain and discomfort whilst increasing your awareness to your health and wellbeing with neuromuscular information, advice and tips.


I have created a FREE pdf FAQ guide book. Within the guidebook are additional links to podcast episodes and other resources to build on the answers covered.

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