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Hello everybody! I hope you are all well. Every week this month I will be sending you a video, additional information to read PLUS audios to listen to so you can start increasing your awareness to various areas of your life.

Today I would like to highlight how we stand, walk and hold ourselves. Check out my video below (apologies for the sound quality) and then after the video allow me to teach you how you can increase your awareness this week and on into the future. Check out my postural assessment audio at the end of the blog also.

So let’s consider how you stand and walk. Firstly have you invested in a stand up desk? Do you notice if you are still loading body weight on to one side of your body?

Are you a parent or grandparent carrying children around and favouring one hip? Notice when you are child free if you appear to still be loading into one hip? Do you notice if one hip appears to be hitched up?

Have you had an injury to your foot, ankle, knee or hip? Have you noticed if long after your injury has healed that you are still loading weight into what was the good leg? Do you notice if you still have a residue limp when you walk? When you stand still for a while do you notice that in order to feel comfortable you have to bend one leg?

My online program at explains in greater detail what has happened with your neuromuscular system for this to have happened. But the good news is my online program, Mindfulness with Total Somatics found at can help you reverse this issue. You can regain a balanced posture and release long held muscle tension which is causing your hip to hitch and for you to have a limp when you walk.

Your first step to improved health and wellness is becoming aware of your SOMA (mind and body) and learning the skills to break old habits which have been causing you pain and limited mobility.

Listen to the audio below as I guide you through a standing and walking somatic assessment. With all soma/body scans we will have our eyes closed to bring greater awareness to our internal environment and reduce stimuli to the brain.

If you have any questions please contact me at

Have a great week.

Take care, Heidi Hadley xx

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