Week 5 – Mindful In May and beyond!

Developing a Daily Somatics Movement Practise

In this week’s blog we will conclude the Theme of ‘Mindful in May’ and look at areas of our life and consider ways to develop The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness.

Check out my video below. After the video, allow me to develop this subject further.

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The Importance of developing a daily somatics movement practise.

As parents or looking back at our childhood, we know how important a routine was to a growing child. As children, we may have resisted routine by thinking it was boring and restrictive. However in hindsight we can see the benefits of a routine and structure. For instance having a set time for bed was important for our growth and development. Eating breakfast was a great way to fuel our mind and body before school. Preparing our school bag and placing our school uniform out the night before were all ways to create efficiency and less dramas in the morning, running around panicking because something wasn’t ironed or a book was missing!!

When we reach adulthood we may create a routine for our children but our own routine may suddenly disappear because we view ourselves lower in the order of importance. Obviously that is only natural as a parent. However, as we have learnt over the last few weeks, we need to create time for ourselves. If we care for our own health and well being, we will be of greater benefit to ourselves and others.

Some people feel creating a routine or structure is boring and suffocating. So these ones will just ‘wing it’ or see where the day takes them. As a result of this approach, many find that events, tasks and other commitments suddenly spring up and they feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and living in a figurative hamster’s wheel.

Whereas if you look at people who appear to accomplish many goals, achievements and take good care of their life and health; they all have a structured life. These individuals have designed a life which involves a daily routine. As a result, they live a productive life, having a clear direction of their day and when they have ‘downtime’ to recuperate. They feel a sense of happiness, accomplishment and able to fulfill their true potential.

A routine we have designed allows us to make time for more important decisions. It doesn’t allow for ‘chaos’ in our head, such as when we run around chasing our tail and asking ourselves “what was that thing I was suppose to do?” If we have a daily routine it guides us to what we are doing at set times. When we make this a healthy habit, we ensure nothing will encroach in the time we have set aside for that task. We are less likely to fall back into our unhealthy habits because we know what we are to do each day.

“But I can’t stick to a routine because I’m a procrastinator!”

I have heard people say this and it is a limiting belief. We are creating a dis-empowering and limiting belief by making a statement similar to this. Routine will stop procrastination because your schedule has already been created.

Some have said to me that getting started is the hardest thing. Making time to create a schedule because they are a procrastinator. I have just one thing to say to that comment…

If I said to you that I will meet you at a certain location with $15 million cash and all you had to do was get up early and meet me at 3am, would you? The money is yours, no strings attached, its a gift to you for making the effort. Would you be there? Well of course you would! I bet you would be there at 2.45am! Why? Because you wanted that cash and yet you said you were a procrastinator! Nobody is a procrastinator. Basically if you want something, you’ll go for it. If it’s not important to you, you won’t bother. It’s a simple as that!

So I ask you, how important is your physical, emotional and mental health to you? Why are you finding obstacles and excuses not to make time for you? We spend time and money on getting our car serviced and periodically we get our home safety checked with gas, water and electricity. We can replace these things but we cannot replace our mind and body. If we exhaust our mind and body, we have to live with the consequences. It’s very sad when I hear people say, “If only I had practised my somatic movements. I wouldn’t be in this state now.” Hindsight is a powerful thing. Let us not get to the point where we wish we had made changes.

If you feel that you have lots to do and can’t fit a daily somatics practise in, what are you doing with your day? Are you scheduling your day or just ‘free wheeling?’ Why are you putting your well being at the bottom of your list of priorities? Only you can answer this, but could you practise increasing your self worth? When you put a price on your health, you will feel healthier and happier from the inside out.

Get started!

To help you get started and no longer use the label of being a procrastinator, I have created a FREE downloadable support material for you. It is a framework to make you stop and reassess your priorities and where you spend some of your time, which could be replaced with healthy habits such as developing a daily somatics practise.

I won’t be meeting you in a location very soon with $15 million, but I can reassure you that if you develop a daily somatics movement practise, you will feel a million dollars and notice how your mobility increases, posture improves, pain levels reduce and you feel you have your health and life back. As a result, you feel empowered and educated with a skill set and structure to help you on a daily basis, so you can be productive in your daily pursuits.




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Take care,

Heidi Hadley xx




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