Learn How To Release Muscle Tension & Reduce Stress

Hello!  How are you?  I hope you are keeping well.  Have you had the opportunity to enjoy the FREE 3 part workshop series with me?  It is currently available on REPLAY.  The workshop series will be taken down from public viewing on 11.59pm Pacific time on Friday 8th October 2021

It will then be uploaded to the ‘Recordings’ section within the membership for members to watch at their leisure.

If you are reading this after Friday 8th October 2021 and would like to join the next FREE workshop series, CLICK HERE.  It will be several months before there is another series, so please make the most of this opportunity now.

To watch the REPLAYS The Total Somatics LIVE Experience,

During the FREE 3 part workshop series, I opened the membership doors for the final time in 2021.  It will also be several months before I open the membership doors again.  My energy and focus is on the Total Somatics members and helping them with their health and wellbeing.  So if you would like to join, here are all the details.

These are just some of the benefits you can feel by joining The Total Somatics Membership:

  • Move better & more freely
  • Experience less physical pain
  • Improved posture
  • Improve sleep
  • Create resilience & flexibility in your nervous system – manage stress
  • More energy
  • Improve mental focus
  • Efficiency & productivity in muscle performance and output
  • Feel younger
  • Slow the effects of ageing on your muscles & joints
  • Focus & clarity with your health and wellbeing intentions

The Total Somatics Membership offers so much support.  For a Monthly membership of just $35 USD (price remains the same for the life of your membership), you receive all of the following:

  • Video instructions (over 2800 minutes)
  • Audio classes  (over 4000 minutes)
  • Podcasts exclusive to the membership (over 650 minutes)
  • Downloadable support material (over 80 items)
  • LIVE monthly Workshops with me
  • Regular LIVE Q&As
  • Workshops (over 30 available to watch on replay)

The Membership doors close on
Friday 8th October 11.59pm.


If you did join me either LIVE or watched the REPLAYS, thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me this week. 

Facebook LIVE on Wednesday 6th October

I will be answering more of your questions for the final time within the Private Facebook group that has been linked with The Total Somatics LIVE Experience. If you have been subscribed to the event, you will find the Private Facebook link within the emails. If you would like to join the Private Facebook group to watch LIVE or see the REPLAY until the group is archived at 11.59pm Pacific time on Friday 8th October, email support@totalsomatics.com

I will be going LIVE at the following time:

11.15pm New Zealand
9.15pm Australian Eastern time
8.45pm Australian Central time
6.15pm Western Australia

11.15am UK
6.15am Eastern time
3.15am Pacific time

Please let me know how you felt with the fully immersive Total Somatics Movement session within the 3 part workshop series. I love hearing from you!

I hope to see you in the membership very soon.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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