Why do you have recurring pain & Injuries?

Somatic in September 2020

Hello!  How have you been throughout the week?  It has been fantastic to connect with you over the last couple of weeks.  If you haven’t joined the Somatic in September 2020 private Facebook group, there is still plenty of time!  It is available to join with content for you to view until the end of September 2020.  This private Facebook group has been created to support ones who would like focus and clarity in the areas of pain relief, improved movement and better posture.  I will be creating steps to help you develop a deeper, more somatic or holistic approach to noticing and tweaking your current habits/behaviours to healthier ones that will improve your overall wellbeing. 

This week I would like to heighten your awareness to recurring pain and injuries.  If you have been listening to my podcasts or you are within my online program, you will already have a good understanding around this subject.  However, if you are new to Somatics or familiar to it, it is always good to go back to the basics and understand the whys and hows of something.  It helps to deepen your understanding and practice of Somatic movement and mindset principles.

Did you know that your habits and behaviours create the person you are today, right down to your DNA?  Any recurring pain or injuries are as a result of a conditioning or learned behaviour, habit or action.  It becomes so automatic, that you are unaware that these subtle yet powerful actions are changing your muscle tension, tone and bone structure.  In the following video, I will explain why these recurring pains and injuries happen.  Notice too how I highlight that you have to capacity to change this learned behaviour.

During this week, I will be delving deeper into this area within the Somatic in September 2020 private Facebook group.  Within this group I will be creating steps to help you develop a deeper, more somatic or holistic approach.  I will be teaching you why you have recurring pain and injuries, however more importantly I will teach you how to change, so it is no longer the norm for you. 

If you would like to be part of the Somatic in September 2020 group and receive proactive steps until the end of September, please send your email address to workshops@totalsomatics.com.  We will invite you to the private Facebook group and you will receive additional support material for the rest of September.


Would you like to know how to manage your emotional, mental and physical health?  Would you like to know how it is linked to recurring pain and injuries? 

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast episode, “Managing your emotional, mental & physical health?”

Would you like to be involved with The Total Somatics Experience from Friday 25th September until Wednesday 30th September?  Within the Somatic in September 2020 private Facebook group, I will be helping deepen your experience of Somatic movement with implementation.  Implementation is crucial to making changing in your health and wellbeing.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Somatic Movement? 

CLICK HERE, to listen to my podcast, “The benefits of Somatic Movement.”.

I look forward to connecting with you online where we can deepen your awareness and create changes to benefit your health and wellbeing.

See you soon!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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