The art of listening to your body: Pandiculation

Hello! How are you? I hope you have had a great week and keeping well.

It has been a brilliant week, connecting and answering many of your questions. Plus for members within The Total Somatics Membership, I announced within The Members' Private Facebook group a new feature coming to the membership very soon. If you are a member and at this point not within The Members' Private Facebook group, please email and we will invite you to the group. Please specify the email address linked to your Facebook page.

As Total Somatics continues to create huge changes and improvement to people around the world, it is exciting to be asked by well respected health experts from different countries to connect and support their members too with workshops and podcasts. In this week's podcast, I will be sharing Dr Jin Ong's podcast. Dr Jin interviewed me and we delved into the art of listening to your body with Pandiculation. Within this podcast episode, we discuss Total Somatic Movement, Mindset, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology and Neuromuscular health.

To Listen to The Art of Listening to your body: Pandiculation, CLICK HERE.

I will be joining Dr Jin Ong in August and holding a Workshop delving into Pandiculation, developing on from the theme and movements I discuss in this podcast episode. If you would like to sign up to Dr Jin Ong's workshop in July and also join me and Dr Jin in her August workshop, CLICK HERE to SIGN UP.

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