How your emotions shape your body & physiology

I am sure you are aware with the way world events have shifted this year that your emotions create a huge impact on your body, mind and physiology. If you are a regular reader of my blogs, a listener to my podcasts or a member with the Total Somatics online program , you are very well aware that our soma (entire mind, body and spirit) are intertwined.

In this week’s podcast episode, I discuss what is happening within your nervous system, in particular your sensory nervous system. Within this episode, I explain how your external world can creates shifts and changes within your internal world. The brilliant part about The Total Somatics online program is that I can teach you how you don’t have to be held captive within a tight body or mindset. With skills and knowledge within the membership, I teach you how you can live with reduced pain, improved posture, increased mobility and the feeling of resilience when everything else around you is out of your control.

To listen to this week’s episode, “How your emotions shape you” CLICK HERE.

For members

As you may be aware I will be announcing within the membership a new feature in January 2021. Stay tuned for an email from me with more details. This feature is something I have been working on for some time and I am really excited to bring another aspect to your membership. It will add another element of depth, helping you gain further insight into your amazing soma.

Within the membership, I will be delving into the link with certain somatic movements, how world events have shifted people’s neurobiology and physiology. Once again, I will send all members an email with further detail and dates early in 2021 so you can fully benefit from the workshops and learn how to integrate these somatic movements and techniques. These techniques will help to create a nervous system that will communicate efficiently to the rest of your amazing system.

Also, we have been creating another new feature which I mentioned to the members recently. It came about from a member’s question. This feature is now available. Once again, I look forward to sharing what you personally request.

For non-members

If you would like to learn how your emotions, movements, posture, pain and mindset are connected, keep in touch with Total Somatics, I have something special coming up. If you would like to know how to create a shift in the state of your nervous system, which in turn will reduce the tension of your muscles, improve your posture, enhance internal physiological actions such as digestive and reproductive function, make a note of a special event I am holding the week beginning Monday 25th January. Obviously, members are also welcome to join, I love seeing your lovely faces and names at these events.

Closer to the date, I will reveal more. However, if you would like to learn what I will be holding and what I will teaching, CLICK HERE to stay up to date with my news.

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