How to reduce Stress, Pain & inflammation

Hello, how has your week been? I hope you are all keeping well xx
Where is the time going? April has already arrived! That also means one thing!!

We are only a month away from the special events I will be holding in May.

During these events, I will be teaching you how to:
* Reduce pain
* Improve posture
* Increase mobility
* Address & reverse recurring injuries & pain
* Develop an awareness to habits, postures & behaviours that have created your health issues
* Teach you how to create new healthy habits, postures and behaviours
* Enable you to enjoy the activities you love to do with greater ease of movement and less pain.

Would you like to learn more? Allow me to open your eyes to the actions and behaviours going on under your skin and how YOU can harness your body's natural processes to start WORKING FOR YOU, not against you.

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For members

If you are a member of Total Somatics Online, please go to the support material section of the membership and enjoy the new uploads within the Q&A and the Recordings section. As I mentioned recently, I am in the process of creating and uploading content that you have requested. So stay tuned for more!

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Somatic Movement & Mindset Podcast

Thank you for all your wonderful, kind messages regarding the Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast. Many have emailed and messaged me with some of the most amazing comments.

Eileen from Boston, USA messaged me to say she has had several "aha moments" listening to the episodes, allowing her to gain a deeper understanding of why she has recurring pain and more importantly, she is now learning how this can change with Total Somatic Movement & Education. She said she is excited to join The Total Somatics Membership when the doors open again soon.

Louisa from Somerset, UK emailed to say that the Podcasts are explained in a very easy to understand way, with less "waffle and jargon," instead getting straight to the point. She too is registered on the wait list for the next time the membership doors open.

To listen to this week's podcast episode entitled, The intricate connection between your Nervous System & Immune System, CLICK HERE.

There are so many exciting things coming your way soon with Total Somatics in May, PLUS the material within this blog will help get you ready to create focus & clarity within the areas of pain relief, mobility, efficient posture and injury prevention.

Have a brilliant week.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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