The Importance of Practicing Total Somatic Movement

Somatic in September 2020: Implementation week

Good grief, where has the month gone?  I hope you have enjoyed deepening your knowledge within the areas of your health and wellbeing.  However, if you have been listening to my podcasts, you will know it is one thing to know something academically, yet it is very different implementing. 

That is why putting knowledge into practice is crucial within the areas of somatic movement and mindset.  It is only when you allow your mind and body to sense and feel what is like to allow muscle tension to release, to feel a calmness come over you and sense greater movement with depth of breathing, that your experience the power of Total Somatic movement.

Allow me to highlight what is happening this week.....

I would like to invite you to take part in the FREE 5 part workshop series I am holding. It has been fantastic to meet so many of you online from around the world. On Tuesday 29th September, I will be holding Workshop 3, How to improve the quality of your breathing. If you would like to join me, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER to receive your Zoom invitation. If you cannot attend, the recording will be sent to you. By signing up to the FREE workshop series, you will also receive recordings of the last two.

Also, I have opened the doors to the Membership this week for the FINAL TIME THIS YEAR.

If you would like to join Total Somatics Membership and receive ongoing support, as well as having access to the vast library of videos, audios, workshops, support material, podcasts and so much more, CLICK HERE to join.

There are still a few days left to be part of the Somatic in September private Facebook group.

If you would like to join and see how I have been increasing your awareness to how your amazing mind and body work, CLICK HERE to join. It would be great to have you join us. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you all within the Somatic in September 2020 Facebook page.  It has been an absolute delight to see how you have progressed on so many levels over the last few weeks.


For the final time this year, I have opened the membership doors to Total Somatics online.  Within the online program, you will be guided through a structured program.  You will learn how the various areas of Total Somatics can help you.  With new material updated on a regular basis, you will be receiving the latest information and skills within the areas of neuromuscular health, mindset and mindfulness, just to name a few.  The membership doors are open for only a few days. Then after that I will be focusing on helping all my members with their health and wellbeing intentions.

I look forward to either meeting you within my FREE WORKSHOP SERIES this week or within The Total Somatics online Membership.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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