The Connection between your Breathing, Posture & Mindset

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Total Somatics in the UK!

I am really excited because I will be holding a one off 3 hour workshop on Saturday 21st May from 9.30am in Worcester. CLICK HERE to view all the details. I do hope you can join me! xx

Latest Podcast

I receive many questions from listeners and so this week's podcast will cover the connection between breathing, mindset and posture. You may be aware of some of the connections involved, however in this episode, I delve further into the subject. In May, I will be delving into these areas in greater detail, so please look out for some special episodes in which I will provide resources to support my podcast episodes.

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"The Connection between your Breathing, Posture & Mindset"

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Within the online shop, you will find plenty of support and resources to start addressing many of the effects that subconscious brain patterning can have on your muscles and joints. Enjoy working with specialised techniques that are intelligent in their approach to rewiring your brain and 'waking up' areas that have been on 'auto pilot' for a long time due to stress, habits, post operative reasons and injuries, just to name a few!

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