The Importance of Gratitude

Hello! How are you? I am very excited because this week we will connect online for the annual Total Somatics International LIVE Experience 2022!

Thank you for your wonderful emails and direct messages, I see the excitement has spread globally. It will be a space whereby we can leave all the stressful topics and subjects to one side and fully focus on our emotional, mental, physical and energetic health and wellbeing.

If you haven't registered for The Total Somatics International LIVE Experience 2022, CLICK HERE to receive the LIVE links and REPLAY links. It is FREE OF CHARGE and ONLINE for your convenience.

Please pass the link to register to those you feel would also benefit. Together, we can create a healthy global focus on positive, proactive measures and approaches for our health and wellbeing.

Set your notifications or alarms ready!

The start time for each session will be:

Auckland 10.30pm
Sydney 8.30pm
Adelaide 8pm
Perth 5.30pm
Delhi 3pm
UK 9.30am
Eastern Time 5.30am
Pacific Time 2.30am

*****If you are watching from North America, please remember your clocks go back 1 hour on Sunday 6th November *****


If you sign up to this LIVE event which is also FREE, you will receive the LIVE zoom links & REPLAY links. You will have the option to watch the REPLAYS for a limited time.

The Importance of Gratitude

In my latest podcast, I delve into the importance of gratitude on our emotional, mental, physical and energetic health and wellbeing. Enjoy this episode! xx

TO WATCH the podcast,
The Importance of Gratitude,

TO LISTEN to the podcast,
The Importance of Gratitude,

I look forward to connecting with you this week!

As this is an INTERNATIONAL event, please share this invitation to those you know will also benefit, wherever they are in the world! Over the last 2-3 years, collectively, our nervous system, body and mindset have been impacted by stress, pressure and human behaviour/interaction.
It is time to recalibrate, ready for 2023.

The most important fact to know is that your AMAZING mind and body has the capacity to change and heal. Within this LIVE event, I will unpack how this is possible and how you can start from workshop 1 on 4th November 2022.


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Have a brilliant week!
All my love & best wishes,
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Heidi Hadley xx

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