Motivated with Micro Habits

Hello! How are you? Firstly, thank you once again for all your wonderful messages and voice messages. It is great to hear how Total Somatics International is supporting and serving you well.

In this week's podcast, I have created a solo episode about the importance of micro habits. It is so important to create a steady, balanced approach to health goals and intentions, rather than going full throttle! As research shows, by the middle of January, many people find their new year resolutions have waned! So in this episode, I delve into how to make our health and wellbeing goals and intentions achievable.

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Motivated with Micro Habits,

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Motivated with Micro Habits,

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The Menopause Summit

The Menopause Summit will be free of charge. Menopause is something every woman encounters. Total Somatics' purpose is to educate and empower people with their health and wellbeing. Menopause is a subject which requires more discussion. So I have connected with experts around the world that have held workshops within The Total Somatics' membership and they will be joining me as we delve into various areas of Menopause, Health and Wellbeing.

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