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Hello! How are you? I hope you have had a good week xx

As we approach the beginning May, I am really excited to be sharing this special month with you! Every year, Total Somatics holds the theme of Mindful in May. It is a great way to recalibrate and reset for the second half of the year. Bearing this in mind, I have created a podcast episode to get you and I ready for Mindful in May by framing our mindset and getting prepared.

If you would like to share this month with someone who would really appreciate you thinking of them and inviting them to this FREE podcast series and resources, please pass on this blog and podcast to them. The more involved in this event, the greater level of energy and enthusiasm will be felt within the Total Somatics Facebook page and community.

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Frame your Mindset,

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Frame your Mindset,

Reduce Pain, Improve Posture, Increase Mobility & Build Resilience Workshop

I will be holding a one off 3 hour workshop in the UK in May 2022. The workshop will also include a 1.5 hour Somatic movement class. No experience is necessary. These movements are very small and subtle, so will suit people with different health issues. If you are able to join me for this workshop, I will teach you how you can adapt these movements into different settings.

Within this workshop, you will learn how incredible your mind and body are and how you have so many natural properties within to self heal and regulate. You will learn how stress and anxiety can change your internal world, impacting your health. However, you will also learn skills to self regulate and reset your nervous system.

DATE: Saturday 21st May 2022
TIME: 9.30am-12.30.
PRICE: £35
LOCATION: Worcester
Deadline to join the workshop:
10am (UK) Thursday 12th May



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I can't wait to share Mindful in May with you!
Have a wonderful week, see you soon!
All my love & best wishes.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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