Can Total Somatics help with Tight Hip Flexors?

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As you may be aware, I recently reached out to the public and asked them to send their burning questions to me so I could cover them in The Total Somatics LIVE Experience at the end of September. During the LIVE events I covered many of the questions. However, there were so many and I continue to get asked lots of brilliant questions, that I decided to create a series within the Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast. One very popular question is, Can Total Somatics help with my tight hip flexors? To give you a spoiler alert to this week's podcast which carries that title, I can answer YES to that question!! However, within Total Somatics, I teach you how INCREDIBLE your soma is and also how everything is connected. Within this week's episode, you will understand why I teach a GLOBAL or TOTAL SOMATIC approach to your neuromuscular health.

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