Is Somatics for you?

In this week’s blog I have included a video which has been available on my Total Somatics Facebook page. I receive many questions about Somatics and so I will be creating videos to answer your questions. Many ask if Somatics is for a specific age group. The answer is No. Somatics is for all ages.

Enjoy my video which accompanies this blog at the end of this article….

When I am teaching Mindfulness with Total Somatics sessions online I often mention that we know how to work and move faster and harder, but many of us don’t know how to work and move slower….and yet still be productive.


Mindfulness requires you to be totally absorbed in an activity and increase your sensory awareness to what you are doing. You also notice how you feel emotionally and mentally. You notice mindfulness creates a sense of feeling calm and centred.

When we consider Mindfulness in Somatics, it enhances your personal practice so much more. Your mindset shifts when you realise that big elaborate movements such as stretching do not equate to greater progress in your neuromuscular health. Stretching and flexibility can often be mistaken as greater progress to increasing mobility. Flexibility does not equate to healthy muscles. When you PANDICULATE, the process used in Somatics, you actually teach the muscles how to move correctly. The brain and body (SOMA) work together to teach muscles on one side of your body to contract and the other side to relax. You teach your body how to move efficiently and smoothly again. Once your brain knows it can fully release from a contraction, you then make the MUSCLES SUPPLE which cannot be achieved when you stretch. You will then find you have greater range of movement AND FLEXIBILITY, all without stretching! Mindfulness with Total Somatics is available online to practice in the comfort of your own home. Join Total Somatics online at and I will teach you how to PANDICULATE your muscles.

If you’ve come from a stretch background, your belief system can be deeply engrained to believe that in order to get great flexible muscles you must stretch. So why not question your long held belief system and understand that neuromuscular science and neuroplasticity actually change your muscle behaviour with the assistance of PANDICULATION, not stretching which is a spinal reflex action. There is no cortical change from stretching. Muscle memory does not change with stretching. Pandiculation changes your muscle memory because the brain is involved in the process to release chronically tight muscles and create suppleness within the belly of your muscles.

Remember, slow down and allow your central nervous system to start changing your BIOPLASTICITY and NEUROPLASTICITY with PANDICULATION. Develop Mindfulness with Total Somatics with me online. Join my online program today.

See you online,

Heidi Hadley xx

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