How to reduce muscle tension without stretching

Hello, how are you keeping? As many of you are aware from life experiences and also heightening your awareness with Total Somatics' blogs and podcasts, stress and worry can create large amounts of muscle tension. I am sure you have encountered times when your mind starts ruminating on concerns and worries and within a short amount of time you become aware you are holding your body tense and tight.

Did you know that your brain controls the program that oversees the level of tension within your muscles? So can you see why your thoughts affect your nervous system, which changes its state and before you know it, you are holding your muscles tight due to the automatic, unconscious, subconscious actions of your brain? Once again, your brain is the intelligent software running 24/7 and commanding your muscles when to contract and when to relax.

So let me ask you, if your brain is communicating to sensors within your muscles to stay contracted, why would stretching a muscle help release muscle tension? How will putting the belly of the muscle under intense pressure "tell" it to release? How will stretching reverse the inbuilt architecture and behaviour of fascia, which has been scientifically proven to be RESISTANT TO STRETCH?

You see, many years ago, stretching was considered the answer to releasing muscle tension, however neuromuscular science has advanced incredibly in recent decades.

Within this week's podcast, I quote experts within the field of muscular health and you will hear scientifically why stretching in many cases in actually really unhealthy and detrimental to the health of your muscle fibres.

As you listen to this episode, could I encourage you to consider allowing your beautiful brain and mind to absorb this information and allow it to question long held beliefs and bias regarding stretching? Could I ask you to consider why you want to hold on to the notion that stretching is beneficial for muscle health?


Learn how to release muscle tension in the comfort of your own home WITHOUT stretching

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Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx
PODCAST: Somatic Movement & Mindset.

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