The Importance of creating boundaries & nurturing our Mindset

Hello, how are you? If you have registered for my FREE Total Somatics LIVE Experience, I hope you are enjoying it. So far, we have covered how to Harness our Habits for Good Health. On Wednesday 27th January, we will be covering the Power of your Mindset.

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As I will explain in Workshop 2, the power of our mindset is very important and to create resilience during a time in history that is chaotic, challenging and tumultuous is imperative. Within this workshop, I will delve into the neuropsychology of why people are reacting rather than responding. I will teach you how you can create shifts in your nervous system to create a healthier, somatic way of living.

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The monthly membership is US$33 per month. There are no lock in dates, you can cancel at any time. You have full access to the entire program, monthly LIVE workshops plus recordings from all previous LIVE workshops. I hold additional support sessions for members. There are experts within the Membership to help deepen your awareness, bringing a Total Somatic approach to your Health & Wellbeing.

Latest podcast: The Importance of creating Boundaries

I am really excited to be releasing this episode on the importance of creating boundaries. It ties in nicely with The Total Somatics LIVE Experience this week because when we become selective and careful with our boundaries, it helps to create a calmer inner self, even if life around us is the opposite.

In this episode, I interview Ana Marinho on the importance of creating boundaries. Ana has been very generous and contributed to the Total Somatics Membership, so I wanted to delve deeper into the content she provided within this interview, so everyone can benefit from her expertise.

CLICK HERE to listen to The Importance of Creating Boundaries.

I look forward to connecting with you this week during the Total Somatics LIVE Experience.

Also for Members, I will be announcing in the Private Facebook group this month's upcoming LIVE Q&A session during the next few days, so email or direct message your questions to me and stay tuned!

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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