How is your posture?


We all exhibit stress reflexes in our posture and they are triggers for chronic pain. Total Somatics incorporates mindfulness techniques into the movement sequences. The name Soma comes from the Greek word meaning the body, which is inclusive of the soul, mind and psyche. Total Somatics deals with the Soma or body and mind. The nature of our soma is to move from the centre to our periphery or extremities. Take a look in the mirror at the muscles of your back, front and sides. Excessive tension in any one of these muscle groups can create an imbalance in the muscles that stabilise and move our head, neck and shoulders.

Our brain is amazing and will detect this change in our biomechanics. We have telereceptors in our brain that deal with hearing and vision. If we have tightness or an imbalance in the centre of our body, this feedback will affect smooth upright movement and balance. This imbalance starts to alter our posture. The brain which controls all muscular movement and coordination informs our musculature of its new “normal”. This is when habitual actions and postures such as sitting at a computer incorrectly or loading body weight onto one side to nurse an injury can occur. These daily movement habits may be teaching your neck and shoulder muscles to become and stay tight. The muscles long term become involuntarily contracted, causing a state known in Somatics as Sensory Motor Amnesia. This is where the sensorimotor portions of the brain which are involved in muscle coordination and movement have simply forgotten how to switch on and off at the appropriate time. The negative habitual patterns of your daily actions have changed the plasticity or wiring of your brain to bad habits. With Total Somatics, we are using mindful movement sequences to rewire or change the plasticity of the brain so that we work in a more efficient manner and switch muscles on and off at the appropriate time.

The Total Somatics programme is all about educating and empowering you with a skill set. This is so you can take control of your health, wellbeing and return to the activities you love to do.



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