The Importance of Gratitude & Protecting your Energy

Hello! How are you feeling this week? I hope your first few days of this new month and year are going well xx.

As we have many hopes and intentions for the year ahead, one thing we all want is a healthy and resilient mind/body to support us through this coming year. Part of our Total Somatic Health & Wellbeing involves noticing how our emotional wellbeing influences our posture and physiology.

This is why I have created The Total Somatics NEW YEAR SALE which ends on 14th January 2022. Any of the audio classes or video workshops have a 15% discount to support you with creating results of greater movement, less pain, deeper quality breaths and an inner calm when life around us can be chaotic and uncertain.

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Latest podcast episode

If you are a regular listener to my podcast channel, Somatic Movement & Mindset, you will know how I combine a Total Somatic Approach to our health and wellbeing. So within Total Somatics, we consider Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness. As a regular listener, you will be aware that the quality of our thoughts, words and actions heavily influence the level of tension, quality of our breath and the postures we hold. So the subject of gratitude and the ripple effect it has on our nervous system and elsewhere are INCREDIBLE.

TO WATCH the latest podcast episode, The Importance of Gratitude & Protecting your Energy, CLICK HERE

TO LISTEN to the latest podcast episode, The Importance of Gratitude & Protecting your Energy, CLICK HERE

Have a fantastic week and enjoy the benefits of purchasing Total Somatics' audio classes and video workshops to help you start 2022 with the intention of creating time to nurture your Total Somatic health and wellbeing.

I look forward to this coming weekend for The Total Somatics Members' Workshop, so if you are a member, please look out later this week for all the Zoom details. As always, this upcoming members' workshop has been created from what you have asked for. Plus we will also be having a guest health expert in 2 weeks time. So look out for details in your email for that too! There are lots happening within The Total Somatics membership to serve you as we start 2022 together.

All my love and best wishes.
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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