How to be a Habit Breaker!

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you will know I often discuss how we live the majority of our day unconsciously or subconsciously. From driving to work and wondering how on earth we arrived, to questioning whether we switched the iron off or not before leaving the house! We do things subconsciously all the time. However, in this week’s blog we are going to consider how some of our habits can be drivers for keeping us in a tight body and holding on to dis-empowering thoughts which can affect our self worth and confidence. We will consider proactive steps to shift old habits for new, becoming a poor habit breaker and a healthy habit creator!

Getting in your own way!

Have you ever heard yourself saying “ I must do ….. but I just don’t have the time.” However, when you consider where at times you place your focus, time and attention, could it be better used for something that will help you in long term? For instance, a limiting belief could be “I don’t have time to practice somatic movement each day. I wish I could, I really feel the benefits but I just don’t have time.” However, did you know that when you create limiting beliefs, you are allowing your old habits and thoughts to take control of your present and future plans, in this case, your health goals and intentions. You could also create other road blocks in your thinking and actions, feeling uncomfortable to change the status quo, even though at times, it may not be serving you well physically, emotionally and/or mentally.

Did you know that when people try to change, there is a reaction similar to what is experienced with addicts? How could this be so? Well, we have all heard the expression “comfort zones are nice places to live, but nothing is achieved within them.” Did you know that this is true, it is a nice place because people can become addicted to familiar chemical states of being. When you have an addiction, many experts have said it is as if your body has a mind of its own. Past events can trigger the same chemical responses from the original incident. As a result, your body thinks it is experiencing the same event again and again. This is how an action becomes conditioned and imprints this within your subconscious mind. From this process, your body begins to take over from your mind and begins to sense, think and feel.

Let me give you an example,

You had an experience which was emotionally charged. As you look back at the situation, you have a thought. This thought then becomes classed as a memory and automatically reproduces the same emotion experience from the original event. This is where unhealthy habits can fester because if you continue thinking of that memory, there is a merging of the thought, memory and emotion. When these three components merge together, they “memorize” the emotion. This means you are no longer living in the moment or present, instead you are living in the past, regurgitating the same feelings, creating a subconscious process.

These emotional triggers can be really obvious and at times really subtle. However, your subconscious is very quickly affected and without noticing what is happening, you can be back reliving or memorising a past emotional/chemical state of fear, sadness, frustration, grief or anger. If you can recall last week, I discussed about conditioning and how Pavlov’s dogs were a perfect example of how you can condition a response, creating an automatic response. To read last week’s blog on how we can condition ourselves to pain, CLICK HERE.

Creating healthy habits

Would you like to learn how your subconscious habits can be reversed? Would you like to learn what is actually going on under your skin, to allow you to break old unhealthy habits which cause you pain, poor posture and limited mobility? Would you like ongoing support to target your specific health and well being needs? Allow Total Somatics Online to provide that guidance and support. With focus and clarity, I will help you deepen your awareness, skills and knowledge to how you can break unhealthy habits, limiting thoughts and beliefs. With the ongoing support within the online program, I will help you identify your default patterns and create healthy habits.

For Members:

On Saturday 4th July, I will be holding a live workshop that will delve into the secret world underneath your skin! We will consider how this influences your movement, posture and pain. Considering what you have read in today's blog, we will also look at the emotional factors involved and how this plays a huge role in creating further limitations. The workshop will consider specific Somatic movements which you can practice to create less pain and greater movement.

The workshop details are:

Saturday 4th July at 7pm Australia eastern time, 10am British summer time and 5am Eastern time.
If you are unable to attend live, it will be recorded and uploaded into the “recordings” section of the online program.  

The “recordings” section can be found when you click on “part 2” and the heading “support.”

For non members:

To learn how you can continue to re-evaluate and prioritise your health, check out my Podcast episodes with Dr Sarah Wilson ND “Prioritising your health” and “Creatures of habit- can we change?”

The doors to the members’ club is currently closed, however, if you would like to know when we are opening the doors again, please CLICK HERE to leave your details on our wait list.

If you would like to learn more about Somatics, CLICK HERE to download your FREE eBook, “Somatics - what is it? How can it help me?”

Enjoy the podcasts for his week and if you are joining me for the Members’ workshop on Saturday 4th July, look out for an email from me with your invitation link.

Have a fantastic week!
Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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