The importance of Hydration

As you may be aware, Total Somatics encourages people around the world to become somatically and holistically aware of their mind and body, considering their emotional, mental and physical health.  If you are a member within The Total Somatics Membership program, you will know from many of the videos, workshops and additional advice within the membership, I encourage you to deepen your awareness to various areas of your life.  When we stand back with soft eyes and look at our lifestyle, we can start moving towards a daily practice of healthy movement, mindset, mindfulness and life choices that will nourish us from the inside out.

Within this week’s podcast episode, I delve into the importance of hydration and why your brain and body thrive on it. 

Enjoy the latest episode by CLICKING HERE.

Ongoing support

With the ongoing challenges and struggles that people are feeling around the world, I recently created a FREE 32 minute webinar to support people.  The webinar is entitled “How to manage your Internal environment during Challenging times.” 

To watch the webinar and the resources that support the material, CLICK HERE.

Providing support in 2021

As this year closes and we start 2021, we have many hopes for a good year.  However, we know with the current situation we all find ourselves in, we still have challenges to face. 

That is why I would like to reach out to you and invite you to my series of FREE workshops in January 2021.  I would like to help you with how you frame your new year with knowledge, skills and strategies to take with you into 2021 and beyond.

If you would like to stay connected to hear more, allow the FREE webinar to be a taster for what we will discuss together in January.  If you are unable to join me live, a recording will be sent to the email you provide.  As I and the members within the Total Somatics membership have found, when we connect and communicate during challenging times, we are stronger and better together. 

I hope you can join me in January 2021.  Save the dates below:

I look forward to connecting with you in January. 

If you are not within the Total Somatics Facebook community, please connect with me because I will be providing additional support there too very soon.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx 

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