The Importance of Pelvic Floor Health

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As you know, the Total Somatics membership aims to educate and empower people within the area of their health and wellbeing. One of the fantastic benefits of being part of the membership is having access to the workshops held by health experts who bring their own knowledge and skills with a Total Somatic view!

Recently, myself and the Total Somatics members were fortunate to have a wonderful workshop on pelvic floor health from expert, Leslie Parker. She has been incredibly generous and if you are a Total Somatics member, go to "Lifestyle/Experts" section of the membership and select Pelvic floor health to enjoy the rich information and resources Leslie has provided.

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Upcoming workshop

If you are a Total Somatics member, look out for my email this week for our upcoming members' monthly workshop. This month I will be addressing foot and achilles issues, teaching you Total Somatic techniques to improve foot, achilles, leg health and so much more! As always, you will have to ability to watch the REPLAY at your leisure.

Latest podcast

This week I interviewed Leslie Parker, our pelvic floor health expert. She was so wonderful within the membership that I wanted to share her with you in the Somatic Movement & Mindset podcast. Get your cup of tea ready, sit down and make yourself comfortable because within this extra special episode (1 hour), we cover lots for men, women and children on the subject of pelvic floor health.
If you listened to the podcast episode before Tuesday 5th April, please go back and listen to the updated version with extra information about Leslie.

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