Week 4 – Somatic In September

How much are you worth?

In this week’s blog we are going to consider the subject of scheduling time for yourself. We will consider how much value you put on yourself and how shifting your mindset can help towards a positive health routine.

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Do you often find that your daily somatics practise is pushed to the back of your ‘to do’ list? Do you place other people or tasks ahead of your practise? Do you say that you have no time to practise somatics each day? If so, in today’s blog we are going to consider how we can MAKE time for a daily somatics practise and why.

Daily habits

Consider the daily habits which you naturally do for your physical health and hygiene. These daily habits may include brushing your teeth, showering, drying your hair, applying make up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, having a cup of tea or coffee and the list could go on! When you set your alarm in the morning, you take into consideration the time it takes to include these automatic habits.

However, let’s consider your mental health and hygiene. When we practice good emotional hygiene, we ensure we are adopting a crucial area of our mental health (which makes up part of our somatic health). When we adopt the principles and practices within The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program (www.TotalSomatics.com), we are actively involved with preventing mental health issues and promoting emotional resilience.

Sometimes the stumbling block to our lack of self care and claiming we have no time can actually come from our limiting thoughts and beliefs. In order to increase our self worth and put a value on our health and well being, let us consider a few ways we can improve our emotional hygiene.

Identify emotional pain

When we become somatically aware, we are able to sense and feel how our mind and body interacts with daily encounters and events. Become mindful of what experiences in your life create emotional pain for you. Emotional pain can manifest in the following ways: anger, grief, failure or rejection. We cannot remove triggers in our life, we can however control how they affect us. We can develop techniques which I outline in greater detail in my online program at www.TotalSomatics.com. From previous blogs I have written, we realise that holding on to emotional pain will translate into physiological and psychological health issues. So it is crucial to take hold of these issues.

Build up your self esteem

Your confidence or self esteem is a very important factor in the area of mental health and improving your emotional hygiene.

I often use the quote,

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Our level of self worth is controlled by how we look at things in life and what we do. If we have encountered stress in our past, we may have conditioned ourselves to think that we must keep busy so we don’t have time to focus on issues or what our body is telling us. We may even have the view that it is self indulgent or navel gazing to spend time on our own health and well being. However if we change the way we look at things or alter a belief which has caused us to live in a figurative hamster’s wheel, we start to enjoy life more. We take our foot off the gas and start noticing and enjoying life around us. By taking control of our health and well being, allowing for self care and compassion, we realise the importance of taking time out to practise mindful somatic movement. Mindful Somatic movement practise will allow you to reset your central nervous system, sensing and feeling a calmness in your mind and a release of chronically tight muscles, helping to increase mobility and reduce pain.

Clean out repetitive negative thoughts

Repetitive negative thoughts or over thinking are very harmful to our mental health and creates poor emotional hygiene. Recently I was discussing this subject with a client. I said to him that the way we can talk to ourselves negatively is a form of abuse. We would never talk unkindly or disparaging to somebody in the manner we may have habitually been talking to ourselves. So why should we put up with internal abuse?

Within the The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program, I discuss this subject further, providing skills and techniques to mop and clean up negative thoughts. Rumination or recycled negative thoughts and past memories which are dis-empowering are dreadful for our self esteem and self worth. Instead of using this time to recycle old thoughts and memories, create a healthy Total Somatics lifestyle. This lifestyle includes daily somatic movement, mindfulness techniques to apply with your practise and in daily life, plus looking at your mindset and seeing where we can readjust old thinking patterns for healthy habits.

Creating The Total Somatics Lifestyle

The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program is a package complete with somatic movement and additional tools to help with mindset and mindfulness. Although Somatic movement is imperative for good neuromuscular health, without applying the mindset and mindfulness principles, you will only receive a third of the benefits. Its similar to a cake mixture. Individually the ingredients are great, however when you combine the ingredients of a cake together, you get a gorgeous cake with so many more benefits! Likewise The Total Somatics Approach to Health & Wellness Online Program considers various areas of physical, emotional and mental health. When they work together, Total Somatics becomes more than just a movement practise, it is a lifestyle.

Would you like to create a lifestyle which supports and maintains a positive mind and body practise? Would you like the convenience of learning these skills in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you? Would you like to be able to contact me during your time online with any questions and queries? You can do! I have created the Online program for your convenience.

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Have a fantastic week!

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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