How to support your mind & body during turbulent times – Week 1

In recent months, we have all experienced highs and lows in the areas of our physical, emotional and mental health. During the next few weeks, I will be highlighting different areas we can consider taking care of during turbulent times.

In today’s blog I will be providing podcast episodes to support why it is important to take care of your mental and emotional health. You will learn how this also has a profound effect on your physical health.

Mindset and Mindfulness

Within this episode I discuss with Dr Sarah Wilson ND why mindset and mindfulness are fundamental areas to consider when we are protecting and supporting our mind and body. Enjoy this episode.

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Taking care of what you allow into your mind

With constant access to the world and events through various channels, we can allow it to mould our thoughts and actions. Whatever we constantly entertain in thoughts, words, actions and behaviour will show up in how we view the world and the way we operate on a daily basis. This episode discusses the power of the conscious and subconscious mind. Learn how you can influence both.

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Would you like to know how Somatics can help you?

Download my FREE ebook and learn how powerful yet subtle this practice is. Learn how it can help you reduce pain, improve posture, increase mobility and develop a mindful somatic awareness to your daily activities.

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Enjoy listening to my podcasts and reading my FREE ebook. Allow them to start influencing how you think, move, act, speak and behave. Allow your amazing mind and body help build you up during these turbulent times.

Take care,
Heidi Hadley xx

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