Post Traumatic Growth

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As we have started a new year, you will notice, every man and his dog are talking about resolutions, goals and targets! The reality is that by mid January, the vast majority of people have dropped off the wagon...sorry to sound negative, however that is what the research shows. The main reason people find it hard to achieve 'goals, 'resolutions' and 'targets' is because they haven't addressed their MINDSET.

So to super boost us all in The Total Somatics community, this month the podcast episodes will centre around the subject of MINDSET. I have created solo podcast episodes and also have interviewed some inspirational people, discussing this amazing subject with them. You are in for a REAL TREAT!

This week, 2 podcast episodes were released! If you are subscribed to The Total Somatics You Tube channel or one of the main podcast platforms, you would have already been notified!

So in order to bring the entire Total Somatics community up to date, enjoy my episode, A New Year, A New Focus podcast! Then enjoy my second episode for this week afterwards. You will find the links below.

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TO LISTEN to the 'New Year, New Focus' podcast episode, CLICK HERE

Post Traumatic Growth

With the curve balls life throws at us, we have all endured various degrees of trauma and stress. Many people are aware of the expression 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.' However, did you know there is an empowering stage of life that the majority of humankind have also encountered, yet, we often don't give ourselves enough credit for? That is 'Post Traumatic Growth.'

In the second episode released this week, and in line with theme of MINDSET for the month, I haved invited my dear friend Melanie Cool to the podcast. Melanie is based in the USA and is a Well-Being Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Workshop Coordinator, Level One CrossFit Trainer, and Licensed Mental Health Counsellor. Together, we discuss how we can all grow from adversity and blossom.

TO WATCH the episode, Post Traumatic Growth, CLICK HERE

TO LISTEN to the episode, Post Traumatic Growth, CLICK HERE

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