The Importance of Self care

Hello! How have you been during the last week? I hope you are well.

During the last week, I have received some wonderful feedback from people around the world who have watched the 3 part workshop series that has been on offer for the week. If you would like to benefit from the 3 part workshop, you can still access it by CLICKING HERE.

If you have already watched the 3 part series or are a member of The Total Somatics Membership, you will know how important it is to create a self care routine. When you allow your self care routine to be something you 'add on' after everything else, or you find you are running out of time to create a regular routine, could you stop and assess your schedule or pattern of behaviour? If you are finding that you are unable to create time to take care of your health, there is a good chance, old habits will return. They are likely to take you back to your pattern of movement, posture, behaviour and habits.

In this week's podcast I discuss the importance of creating a self care routine and what can show up if we allow our self care practice to become something we "don't have time for."

To listen to, The Importance of Self care for your Physical & Mental Wellbeing,

New module to the Total Somatics' Membership

If you are a member of the Total Somatics' membership, you will know that very soon I will be filming a new module within the membership. Within The Total Somatics Private Members' Facebook Group, I have been asking specifically what you would like me to cover within this new module. I will be teaching you additional skills to enhance productivity, stability, endurance and efficient neuromuscular and neuromyofascial health to complement your Total Somatic Movement, Mindset and Mindfulness Practice. Curious to what that all actually means? Well members, watch this space!!

If you are currently a Total Somatics member but not in the Total Somatics Private Facebook Group, email and let us know. We will invite you into the group. Within this beautiful community, I cover burning questions and at hand to provide additional support. It is within the Total Somatics' Facebook Group that I gain insight into what the members require. By keeping my finger on the pulse, I create content that will support them.

Experiencing the complete approach to neuromuscular and neuromyofascial health with The Total Somatics' Membership will help to deepen your awareness further to the importance of gaining efficient muscle memory and control of how you move, stand, sit and other activities to provide daily support in helping you pursue your hobbies, passions and activities.

Ongoing support

If you would like to learn more about how Total Somatics can provide ongoing support to you, please listen to the back catalogue of podcast episodes, by CLICKING HERE.

The Total Somatics Membership is always evolving to serve the members. So if you would like to join The Total Somatics Membership, you know that the skills and knowledge are always kept up to date. With many different qualifications under my belt to complement my certification in Clinical Somatics and Somatic Movement education, I bring a fresh, easy to understand and implement approach to a subject that on the outside can be deep and full of jargon!

Check out this lovely message sent to me very recently from a Total Somatics' member. It is wonderful receiving these heart warming messages, knowing how Total Somatics is transforming lives.

If you would like to know the next time the doors are opening to the Total Somatics' Membership, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to stay up to date with EXCITING LIVE events happening with Total Somatics International, CLICK HERE to be one of the first to find out and not miss out!

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at If you are a Total Somatics members, I look forward to catching up with you inside the private Facebook group and at our upcoming Total Somatics Members' workshop.

Take care.
All my love,
Heidi Hadley xx

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